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Daweda Exchange
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Reasons to Play

  • A fantastic alternative to standard binary trading
  • Well-suited to traders at all levels
  • Superb customer service and educational resources
  • Payout percentage of 100%

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    Daweda Exchange

    To call the binary options brokerage market of today large and complex would be an understatement in both instances. It is simply enormous. But while the vast majority of brokers are doing exactly the same thing, there are others that are putting their own unique twist on the idea of binary options trading. One of which being Daweda Exchange, which has earned both a strong reputation and following on a global basis. The question being – do they offer a twist on binary options trading that you yourself should consider checking out? The answer…read on and Casino Papa will reveal all!

    The single most important and indeed defining feature at Daweda Exchange is the fact that they offer binary trading by way of a trader to trader exchange. Their headquarters are located in Cyprus and they are fully regulated, making them a safe and reputable service provider to deal with. It’s also relatively rare to come across negative press from Daweda Exchange’s past and present customers, so it seems that whatever it is they are doing differently with classic binary options, they appear to be doing it right.


    Contact Information

    • Casino Name: Daweda Exchange

    Site Overview

    In terms of what it is that makes Daweda Exchange different, peer to peer trading basically means that the company itself does not serve as the counterparty for any trade. Instead, trades are simply matched between two traders who have entirely opposing opinions when it comes to the future behaviour of a specific assets. The company makes its money by charging a small amount for every contract opened by every trader, which in turn means that payout percentages for successful traders sit at an impressive 100%. Even if it sounds like a relatively complicated concept to get to grips with, it’s actually incredibly easy. Not only this, but the fact that Daweda Exchange also offers new customers access to a comprehensive demo account means that you can learn exactly what it is all about, before putting a penny on the line.

    The platform itself really is as simple as it gets, listing the available asset classes along the top of the page and the relevant performance graphs underneath. Contracts can be taken out from a minimum of $10 and each is subject to a standard fee of $0.50, or the equivalent in your chosen currency. As with standard binary options, it’s a case of deciding on the size of the trade you wish to work with, before hitting the Buy or Sell button accordingly. Any orders that are open or those that are waiting to be matched will be displayed below the price graph, making it easy to keep an eye on exactly what is happening at all times.

    Given the fact that Daweda Exchange offers traders access to a peer to peer exchange, it is important for them to provide access to only the most liquid and vibrant assets available. They are still relatively new to the industry, but are nonetheless already done a fantastic job of delivering exactly the kind of experience and assets traders are looking for. The asset library is comparatively compact yet high quality, featuring key indices, stocks, commodities and popular Forex currency pairs. Daweda Exchange also makes it easy for traders to make up their own minds with regard to liquidity, by presenting plenty of important and up to date information.

    Those wishing to take their activities with Daweda Exchange on the go can download the dedicated mobile application, which is compatible with the vast majority of Android and iOS devices. If anything, the mobile app actually makes the whole thing easier to work with, as everything is condensed, compacted and simplified even further than the main website itself. It is in no way a watered-down version of the desktop site – it is complete and impressive in every way.

    As already mentioned, the unique approach to trading at Daweda Exchange means that payouts are listed at a lofty 100%, with a standard charge of $0.50 for every contract opened. What this essentially boils down to is the likelihood of making a very small loss over time, if 50% of your trades end out of the money. Conversely, this also means an extremely strong opportunity to profit over time.

    The minimum deposit amount is capped at £100 which is nice and low, payment transfers in both directions are handled quickly and full identification is required for total account security. One slight downside is the way in which only one withdrawal is permitted free of charge and every month, with every subsequent deposit attaching a fee of $25.

    Other than this, the customer service team at Daweda Exchange is world class, the learning resources made available for members are simply enormous and there is also a Professional Client Program designed to help traders at higher levels make the most of their trading activities.

    Best Features
    For us, the very best feature of Daweda Exchange as a whole is the way in which they make it extremely easy to get into an entirely different form of binary options trading. Along with this, the mobile application is extremely impressive and the prospect of taking home a payout percentage of 100% is highly appealing for obvious reasons.

    Regardless of what kind of trader you are or the level at which you trade, it can be extremely enjoyable and rewarding to occasionally branch out into something new. In the case of Daweda Exchange, what’s on offer is something that puts an interesting twist on the norm, though is still familiar enough not to be disconcerting. Everything about the platform and the people behind it is world-class – a brilliant choice for trying out peer to peer trading.


    • Not the largest asset library on the whole
    • Only one free deposit permitted per month


    • An innovative and enjoyable alternative to standard trading
    • Impressive and appealing 100% payout
    • A strong archive of learning resources
    • Access to plenty of assets
    • Relatively low £100 minimum deposits
    • A great mobile platform
    • Customer service of the highest calibre

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