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  • An excellent introduction to social trading
  • One of the biggest networks of traders at all levels
  • Simplified and easy to use platform
  • Outstanding customer service

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    In order to stand out in an ever-growing sea of generic binary options brokers, brands and businesses of all sizes are diversifying like never before. In some instances, innovation in this particular field can breed truly outstanding results. In others, they try too hard to reinvent the wheel and come out with a whole load of nothing. In the case of Copyop, it’s clear that these guys were striving for the former of the two with their own interesting take on binary options trading. The question is – did they pull it off? Continue reading and Casino Papa will tell you all you need to know!


    Whichever way you look at it, going into business as a binary options broker as late as 2015 takes guts. The reason being that pretty much everything that needed to be done was already being done to death by this point in time. Very little room means having to come up with something seriously impressive in order to survive. Given the fact that Copyop is going stronger than ever today, it seems they may indeed have hit the nail on the head.


    Contact Information

    • Casino Name: Copyop

    Site Overview 

    What makes Copyop different from the vast majority of standard binary options trading websites is…well, pretty much everything. The simple fact of the matter is that Copyop is by no means a conventional trading website at all, as it has been built around the increasingly popular ‘follow the leader’ approach. Social trading may or may not be a concept you are familiar with, but it is one that is gathering traction like never before. But while Copyop is by no means the only social trading service of its kind up and running, it is certainly the only one that is owned and operated by the same brand that runs the biggest binary options trading site in the world – Anyoption.

    In terms of pedigree therefore, big points right off the bat.

    While it’s possible to sign up directly with Copyop, there is also what we consider to be the preferable option of signing up via Anyoption. The reason being that the latter will usually enable you to access better bonus offers, not to mention the various additional trading tools and features of the primary website itself.

    As for how it all works, it’s basically a case of the platform representing a gigantic network of traders from all over the world, who are free to observe, copy and follow one another. In the case of Copyop, this brings together each and every trader using either of the two platforms owned by the same company. You can watch traders to see what they are doing, you can copy the actions of any trader at any time and any of the other traders using either platform can also copy you.

    Another of the standout features over at Copyop is the way in which there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to emulating the actions of other traders. While the majority of social trading sites limit these kinds of activities to foreign currency pairs only, these guys also let you copy the traders with commodities, indices and stocks. It is possible to set up an automatic trade copying tool to automate the process, or you can keep an eye on things and do it all manually.

    What’s also great about Copyop is the way in which it provides customers with an extremely rich breakdown of information on each individual trader. At a glance, you can see where they are located, how long they have been trading, the number of people watching them, how many people are copying them, their percentage win rates, the longest winning streak, how many trades they make each day, the last three trades they carried out and plenty more besides. As you may have picked up on, the only real downside is the way in which you only get to see the last three trades they carried out – some other social platforms allow you to see a much longer and deeper trading history.

    Topped off with an outstanding customer service team, great account security and a wonderfully simple interface on the whole, it’s hard not to give Copyop our full recommendation. The only real downside being that there is currently no demo account available, which is a bit of a shame.

    Best Features

    One of the single most positive attributes of Copyop in general is the way in which it makes social trading incredibly simple and enjoyable. The platform is wonderfully easy to work with, the customer service team couldn’t be more helpful and getting started as a first-timer is made a walk in the park.


    If you are yet to try out social trading for yourself, Copyop is a great place to start. Likewise, if social trading is something you are already into, Copyop is a great place to head to dive headfirst into some of the best social trading on the web. It’s pretty safe to say that the social trading revolution is one that is only just beginning to hit its stride, but you can rest assured that it’s going to continue growing in strength and popularity for some time to come.


    • It’s a shame that no demo account is currently available
    • A slightly more detailed trading history would be useful


    • A very simple, user-friendly introduction to social trading
    • Enormous network of traders spanning two sites
    • Great for newcomers looking to follow the example of others
    • Plenty of information available on each trader
    • Lots of helpful tools to manage risk
    • A good place to learn how binary options work in general

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