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188Bet Sports
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Reasons to Play

  • An extremely reputable, reliable and professional gaming brand
  • An exceptionally easy to work with website
  • One of the best when it comes to in-play betting
  • Good range of betting markets with plenty or variety

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    188Bet Sports Review

    When you think about it, creating an outstanding online sportsbook should not be particularly difficult. The reason being that the outcome is determined entirely by the decisions and predictions of the customer – the bookie having no say in what happens. It’s simply a case of offering competitive odds, a good selection of markets and an enjoyable overall customer experience. So why is it, then, that so many manage to get it completely wrong? That’s a question we cannot answer, but what we can certainly do here at Casino Papa is deliver the inside scoop on 188Bet Sports!

    With a focus primarily on British and European markets, 188Bet Sports has established an enormous following across the United Kingdom and beyond. Even if sports betting doesn’t happen to be your thing, they are still a household name given the exposure they have received through countless high-profile sponsorship and advertising deals. From Liverpool to Chelsea to Aston Villa Bolton Wanderers, their name since going into business in 2006 has been absolutely everywhere. For this reason alone, it’s hard not to approach 188Bet Sports with a genuine sense of optimism.


    Contact Information

    Site Summary

    There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about the way the 188Bet Sports platform has been put together. There’s absolutely mind-blowing amount of information on offer, but everything is presented in a way that is accessible and digestible at all times. If you happen to head over to 188Bet Sports as an absolute first timer, you will find that it serves as a great introduction to sports betting. As usual, links to all available betting markets are listed down the left-hand side and there are shortcuts available to whatever action you’re looking for.
    Of course, football represents the primary focus at 188Bet Sports as it does with most UK sportsbooks. Nevertheless, there are dozens of other sports and literally thousands of markets to play with, meaning that whatever it is you are into, you will no doubt find it generously covered. As for the betting itself, 188Bet Sports provides customers with the option of placing bets online or via a mobile device. They also offer four different odds formats, which are decimal/European style, Indonesian, Malaysian and Hong Kong.

    One of the biggest advantages of doing business with 188Bet Sports is the fact that if you happen to be a high roller, they support some of the biggest limits out there. Indeed, they make it possible to wager in the region of £35,000 on a single bet, while at the same time having an upper-limit on daily winnings of around £500,000. Which means that if you are out to wager big and win big, you are definitely in the right place. It’s extremely rare to find 188Bet Sports offering anything less than the very best odds on the market – especially when it comes to major football games and tournaments.
    Something else 188Bet Sports is known for up and down the country is its extensive focus on live betting, offering somewhere in the region of 3,000 live betting opportunities every month. They also get the job done well when it comes to live steaming, though perhaps not to the same extent as some of their biggest rivals. Their margins are consistently competitive, meaning reliable value for money.

    On the subject of bonuses, is a little bit middle-of-the-road as far as 188Bet Sports is concerned. For new customers, you will usually find them offering something in the region of £50 by way of a free bet, upon meeting certain criteria in terms of wagering your own money. For the most part though, bonuses and promotions are relatively thin on the ground. Which in the case of 188Bet Sports is actually a case, because unlike most online sports betting sites they do not focus too heavily on marketing their promotions and special deals above and beyond the action itself. Instead, they focus primarily on the action – something we personally like to see.
    Other than this, customer support is available on a 24/7 basis via multiple methods of contact, with support provided in multiple languages. We found the Skype support to be particularly useful and all telephone and email response times were extremely impressive. And just as would be expected from a sports betting site like this, the mobile version of what’s on offer is every bit as good as the primary desktop platform.

    Best Features
    During our tests, we found the simplicity of the overall platform at 188Bet Sports to be one of its most impressive and appealing features of all. The same also proved to be true for the highly user-friendly mobile application, while the live-betting coverage offered was among the best we’ve come across.

    The thing about 188Bet Sports is that while it probably will not blow you away, it will certainly deliver absolutely everything you need for a fantastic time. What you are looking at is a comprehensively solid, reliable and reputable online sportsbook that caters solely to those looking for fuss-free action without the unnecessary distractions. That being said, distracting yourself with the various additional online assets provided by 188Bet comes highly recommended.


    • Some might consider the site design to be a little lacking visually
    • Not the biggest and impressive array of bonus offers


    • An excellent assortment of betting markets from all over the world
    • Simplified and user-friendly website design
    • Instant access to a wide variety of additional online gaming assets
    • Excellent customer service standard and strong account security
    • Very good live betting and solid live streaming service
    • An impressive mobile app in general