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Wink Slots
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  • A solid selection of games with most essential titles
  • Excellent mobile experience and outstanding navigation
  • Great customer support available 24/7
  • Plenty of on-going promotions and welcome bonus offers

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    Wink Slots Review

    Both 2015 and 2016 saw a veritable armada of gaming brands launch their own dedicated slots sites. Some already had casinos and thought the time had come to expand, while others started out in bingo and made the decision to branch out into new territory. In the case of Wink Slots, we’re looking at the latter. Wink Bingo continues to top the table as one of the biggest and best bingo sites going, but how do these guys fare when it comes to slots? The answer…well, you’ll have to keep reading, but rest assured Casino Papa has the info you’ll be needing!


    If you know Casino Papa, you’ll know we don’t usually get overly excited about the thought of yet another slots site. Not that most of the biggies up and running aren’t solid enough – it’s just we have trouble seeing why a lot of them exist. The same company offers a web casino that already has all the slots in the world, so what’s the point of a separate slots site? With Wink Slots though, it’s a little different as it’s actually an extension of a bingo site, not a casino. So its existence is at least justified, but how about the quality of what’s on offer?


    Contact Information

    • Casino Name: Wink Slots

    Site Summary

    Well, the first thing that becomes apparent after firing up Wink Slots is that the folks behind it were clearly looking to appeal to mobile markets. Via desktop, it’s all nicely polished and compact, though stripped back to such an extent you know it’s the mobile crowd they’re going for. Not that this is a bad thing – too much unnecessary garnish has a tendency to complicate things. Everything is clean, crisp, laid out perfectly and brilliantly simple to navigate. Unsurprisingly therefore, exactly the same can be said for the mobile version.

    In fact, we’d go out on a limb to say the mobile site is right up there with the best in the business – high praise indeed!

    If it’s welcome bonuses you’re interested in, beware how much your read into elsewhere! The reason being that while researching Wink Slots and opinions thereof, we found more than a few reports stating that wagering requirements on welcome bonuses and free spins were 80X. This is pure cobblers – it clearly states 30X wagering requirements right there on the home page. And the fact that they don’t try to hide these terms away like most do scores big points with us. There’s up to £600 in welcome bonuses to be scooped up and 80 free spins for new customers. 30X is still a bit on the steep side in a realistic sense, but it’s also the industry average.

    On-going promos include Monday Madness with a 50% bonus available on deposits, theWeekend Bonus Blowout deal with up to £240 in bonuses up for grabs and the Loyalty Celebration with up to £150 to play for. From top to bottom, the same 30X wagering requirements apply.

    As for the games themselves, there’s certainly no shortage over at Wink Slots. Everything is split up into simple categories for convenience, or you can browse the full range of 200+ slots in a very long list. Progressive jackpots are here in force, as are all the latest arrivals and plenty of rarities too. There’s also a fun emoji slot game to play free of charge, just for fun.

    As already mentioned, the Wink Casino arm of the site comes across as something of an afterthought. That being said, the live dealer games are impressive enough and they’ve at least thrown in something to cater to all tastes. Customer service operates 24/7, email response times are decent enough (up to 4 hours) and we found payments in and out to be smooth and simple enough.

    Best Features

    While it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, we’d say that the best feature over at Wink Slots is how brilliantly simple it all is. Even if you’ve no idea what you’re doing, you’ll be up and running like a pro in no time. Plenty of progressive jackpots are also good to see, as is 24/7 customer support and a brilliant mobile experience.


    In conclusion, Wink Slots ticks all the right boxes and delivers on its promises. It’s always going to be tricky to get overly excited about dedicated slot sites, given the fact that full-blown casino sites often offer the same or more. That being said, if it’s really only slots you’re interested in and you’d prefer it all to be stripped-back and simple, Wink Slots comes highly recommended. And for that matter, the same definitely applies if you’re looking for a slick, safe and super-enjoyable mobile gaming experience.


    • Some might find the desktop site a little oversimplified
    • 30X wagering requirements could be improved
    • Casino games a little thin on the ground
    • Not quite as many slots as some rival sites


    • A solid selection of games with most essential titles
    • Very simple and easy to navigate platform
    • Plenty of promotions and bonus offers available
    • 24/7 customer support with free phone numbers
    • Excellent mobile website experience