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Stan James Poker
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Reasons to Play

  • A great starting point for beginners with plenty of free play opportunities
  • Simple overall site design that is uncomplicated and accessible
  • Excellent on-going competitions and a wide variety of table stakes
  • Full Mac support & desktop app

Depost / Withdrawal

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Payout Percentage

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Stan James Poker Review & Welcome Bonus

There will always be those for whom the idea of established sports betting businesses getting into poker provision represents slightly questionable entities. After all, the two activities in many ways come from opposite ends of the spectrum – even though they are both considered gambling, in one form or another. As such, it is hardly surprising that Stan James Poker is occasionally viewed with at least a little scepticism from those who show preference to the more recognisable poker brands. Is Stan James Poker worth checking out? Casino Papa has the answer…read on for more!

Stan James is currently active in no less than 120 countries and has a biblical following. Admittedly, the vast majority of interest thrown the way of Stan James focuses on sports betting, but they’ve probably been making serious headway in the online casino business over recent years. Which in turn means that technically speaking, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to offer a genuinely world-class poker experience with the best of them, right?


Contact Information

Site Summary
It has to be said that for the newcomers, in particular, Stan James Poker scores big. There are so many poker sites up and running these days which despite allowing new members to sign up for free don’t exactly give them a great deal to play with. With Stan James Poker, on the other hand, signing up without paying a penny into your account will still qualify you to take part in as many New Player Freeroll tournaments as you like for up to six weeks!Which means that along with playing on the no-cash tables that are useful for learning the ropes, this is a genuinely rare example of an instance where paying no money could undoubtedly result in winning some cash.

It’s a feature we are incredibly enamoured with!

Outside of this, and it pains us to say it, it’s all pretty much the same deal when it comes to welcome bonuses and specials. They offer to throw vast sums of cash at you but don’t think for one minute that this will be cash that you can access or play with. Instead, it is released at a gradual trickle by how much of your own money you spend – and you have to pay serious money to get your hands on any realistic bonus funds.

As for the platform itself, anyone familiar with anything Stan James does will immediately recognise what’s on offer. It’s the same layout and colour theme as everything else Stan James does – a brand that has earned plenty of credit for keeping things as simple and intelligently organised as possible. Flashy visuals and imagery are removed from the equation – it’s a no-frills experience that focuses on getting the job done.

Something else that is genuinely great about Stan James Poker is the way in which they make it well and truly obvious that safe and informed gaming is something they believe in quite firmly. Along with free signups and the ability to join freeroll tournaments without spending a penny, they also offer some of the most helpful learning resources a newcomer could wish for – all of which are of course free of charge.

Regarding the downloadable software client, the requirement to download software is always a sticking point, but Stan James Poker has nonetheless got at least one thing very right – it’s an optional software download. Not only this, but Stan James Poker is also one of the few that have bothered to take into account the Mac crowd, meaning that when you prefer to play via your browser or on your home computer, you’ll find your needs catered to.

Everything performs smoothly, player traffic is substantial enough, and the action tends to be moderate, though with a fair few high stakes games in progress at any one time. As for the downside, you are pretty much out of luck if you were planning to take your gaming on the go as Stan James Poker is a desktop app and doesn’t currently offer a mobile app and a nor does the website do a particularly good job of supporting mobile devices…which is a shame.

Best Features
As we’ve already touched upon, our absolute favourite feature when it comes to Stan James Poker is the way in which it is possible to sign up without depositing a penny and still enter freeroll tournaments for up to six weeks. We’re also fans of the stripped back approach to the overall platform design, which focuses primarily on performance.

Referring back to the initial question as to whether or not it is worth giving Stan James Poker a try, the simple answer is – why the hell not? It might not have quite the same bells and whistles as some of its rivals and nor does it draw in quite as much traffic as it might. Also, the lack of mobile support is borderline unforgivable. But at the same time, but Stan James Poker through its paces via desktop and you’ll find there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had.


  • Traffic volumes not as high as rival poker sites
  • Relatively heavy bonus terms and conditions
  • Near-total lack of support for mobile devices


  • A familiar site layout existing Stan James customers will love
  • Solid traffic at all times and a good mix of action
  • Plenty of fantastic competitions at all times
  • The ability to enter freeroll tournaments without depositing a penny
  • A clear focus on newcomers and safe gaming

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