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Sky Casino
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  • Some of the best live dealer gaming currently on the web
  • Flawless performance and outstanding site security
  • Fantastic customer service at all times
  • Access to the complete Sky gaming collection with a single account

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    Sky Casino

    Ever since the folks at Sky decided to start branching out into online gaming, it seems there isn’t a pie anywhere they don’t intend to get several of their fingers in. Which is understandable – this is, after all, an incredibly lucrative industry and a brand as big as Sky has just the kind of clout and capital to make it happen. But at the same time, getting into an industry that really isn’t your primary focus/specialism doesn’t always breed fantastic results. So when it comes to Sky Casino, does this new addition really bring anything new to the market, or is it just another name on the pile? Read on for all the details from Casino Papa!

    At the risk of provoking a response, the most immediate question that springs to mind when evaluating Sky Casino is – why? As in why on earth does Sky Casino even exist? We already have Sky Vegas, Sky Bet and a wide variety of other Sky assets that cover all bases across the board. So really, why is Sky Casino still up and running?

    To tell you the truth, it’s hard not to sound entirely critical (or perhaps even insulting) when reviewing Sky Casino, for the simple reason that when compared to its counterparts, its very existence is a mystery.


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    Site Summary
    Kicking off with the overall appearance of Sky Casino – it doesn’t exactly stand out as one of the most impressively attractive casino sites online. It’s not bad, but when you hold it alongside Sky Vegas, you get the impression they invested 95% of their time in the latter and the remaining 5% on Sky Casino. It’s dark, it’s relatively boring and even the games themselves are not represented with particularly attractive icons.

    Looking beyond simple aesthetics, it’s unfortunate to see that the same apparent lack of focus is reflected in the games on offer. From live casino gaming to slot machines to roulette to blackjack and more, everything is at least touched upon to a modest extent. Once again, however, when you start comparing things to Sky Vegas…well, the numbers speak for themselves.

    Whereas Sky Casino boasts 37 slots, its sibling has 175 on offer. Sky Vegas serves up a generous collection of 29 instant win games, whereas Sky Casino has none. And there are also a full 33 progressive jackpot games to choose from over in Vegas, with far fewer on offer with Sky Casino. But what makes things even more annoying is that should you choose to make use of the undeniably fantastic live casino gaming action via Sky Vegas, it transports you directly over to Sky Casino. The argument therefore being – why the hell don’t they just transplant a few bits from one site to the next and condense it all down into one complete site?

    Sky Casino isn’t without its charms, but if it’s slots and the like you’re after, you’d be far better off with Sky Vegas.

    Now that’s all out of the way, one genuinely positive thing to say about Sky Casino is that its overall performance is relatively flawless. It may not have a great many slots on offer, but the games that are available are all right at the top of the pile. The live casino table gaming is superb and the site as a whole runs like a dream. In addition, the fact that signing up in the first place allows members to access the whole catalogue of Sky gaming assets is a pretty big bonus.

    Speaking of bonuses, there’s a relatively simple and undeniably tempting bonus offer available for new members. In a nutshell, they promise to give any newcomers who deposit £10 in their account a full £70 to play with. Pretty generous to say the least, apart from the fact that it is subject to a 50X wagering requirement. Or in other words, you’ll need to gamble a minimum of £3,000 in order to access any of this bonus money or anything you win from its use.

    Everything else of importance scores highly with Sky Casino, including customer service, the outstanding mobile app, security, accepted payment methods, withdrawals and so on and so forth. In summary, therefore, it really isn’t to say that Sky Casino isn’t without its charms, but unless it is specifically table games you’re on the lookout for, the experience over at Sky Casino is probably a little more enjoyable.

    Best Features
    Without any shadow of a doubt, the very best feature of Sky Casino is its take on live dealer gaming. Availability is plentiful, performance is pretty much perfect and it does a generally outstanding job of recreating the real life casino experience.

    Admittedly, parts of this review may have come across as a little harsh, but this was by no means to criticise what Sky is currently offering. Their gaming selection is fantastic, presentation is beautiful, live dealer gaming is unrivalled and the mobile app is superb. It’s simply the way in which Sky Casino looks and feels a little bit empty when looking beyond the live dealer action. If they were to bump up the numbers in terms of slots and other games, perhaps at the same time giving it a bit of a makeover, it would be an absolute winner in every way.


    • A rather unfortunate end glaring lack of abundance in slot choice
    • Seemingly generous bonus offers that are in fact anything but
    • The site as a whole doesn’t look and feel as polished as Sky Vegas


    • Absolutely fantastic table games and exceptional live dealer gaming
    • The latest online slots from the world’s leading developers
    • An extremely simple layout that would perfectly suit beginners
    • Fantastic customer service and excellent site security
    • Flawless performance and reliability