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NetBet Casino
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  • Enormous and varied selection of games.
  • One of the best performing platforms on the web right now.
  • Fantastic live-action casino gaming.
  • Interesting special offers and discounts.

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NetBet Casino No-deposit Welcome Bonus Offer & Review

In 2016, NetBet will be celebrating 10 years on the market. Given the fact that dozens of new online casinos and gaming sites are joining the mix every month these days, surviving for a full decade and maintaining a strong reputation is a pretty impressive achievement to say the least. Household names when it comes to this kind of gaming and betting really don’t come bigger than NetBet, thanks largely to constant high profile marketing campaigns on TV and the Internet alike. But does all this fame and pedigree add up to a site that’s on par with today’s increasingly high standards? Do they really know how to deliver the proper Vegas experience? Find out right now, with the inside scoop from Casino Papa!


More often than not, NetBet Casino promotes and pushes its services by waving the usual special deals, discounts and bonus offers in front of new customers. This tends to be especially the case over important holidays like Christmas and New Year, when existing bonuses are taken to entirely higher levels. But as we’ve all come to know by now, the vast majority of seemingly generous bonuses have a habit of adding up to no such thing when put into practice. Are things any different with NetBet Casino?


Contact Information

Site Summary

Just to get one thing out of the way first, these guys recently made one player a quadruple millionaire. And if that’s not the type of win you’d think was reserved for a real Vegas casino only…well, what is?

First impressions are something of a mixed bag when landing on the NetBet Casino homepage. There’s absolutely no disputing the fact that the visuals are impressive, the site is clearly bursting at the seams with content and that it’s been put together by professionals. At the same time however, you could argue that things are bordering on the cluttered. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult to make sense of or to navigate it, but it’s dangerously close to looking a little messy. All of which of course is personal opinion, but there you go.

Cutting through all that and focusing on the games, the fact that there are well over 500 of the things on offer at NetBet Casino pretty much say is all that needs to be said about content. Everything you could ever think of is here, along with a small arsenal of things you may never have expected to see. Some old, some new and a fair few exclusives too – running out of things to try just isn’t an option.

The site itself is powered by cutting edge software and therefore delivers an extremely fluid and seamless gaming experience. There’s very little lag to speak of, most pages load instantaneously and there’s really no hanging around waiting for the games themselves to load. And as for the progressive jackpots, there are six and even seven-figure sums of cash up for grabs throughout most of the year, which are pretty appealing to say the least. When it comes to delivering a dose of Vegas to gamers all over the UK, few do it better.

Onto the much maligned subject of bonuses, there’s one special offer at NetBet Casino that really stands out – at least at the time of writing. Basically, they offer all new members a one-time-only deal where a full 50% of first day losses are credited back to their accounts. It’s pretty common knowledge that newcomers don’t often tend to have particularly successful in the first days, so to be offered a chance to take back 50% of losses is pretty sweet to say the least.

The same however cannot necessarily be said for welcome bonuses, which in the case of NetBet Casino centre around a 100% top up on initial deposits and a somewhat impossible to believe £250 free credit without having to pay a penny into your account. All this money free of charge? Of course not – this supposedly generous sum of money is subject to a 30X minimum wagering requirement, which means you have to post a minimum of £7,500 on the line before being able to access any of this cash or its winnings. Suffice to say therefore, it’s not quite the offer it appears to be.

NetBet Casino certainly get things right when it comes to customer service, with a strong team available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. That being said, telephone lines only appear to be open during office hours, though the 24-hour live chat feature is usually responded to pretty quickly at all hours.

There’s currently no mobile app available, but NetBet Casino instead offers a fully functional mobile version of its main website which does a brilliant job recreating the desktop site. And of course, live action gaming is available as standard and is every bit as fast, fluid and fantastically enjoyable as every other game NetBet Casino offers.


Best Features

We mentioned it several times already, but once again to fly the very best feature of NetBet Casino, its library of games is simply unrivalled. Along with this, the performance of the site in general is first class in every way.



NetBet Casino does a pretty good job in coming close to perfection, with just a few very slight improvements to be made. The gaming archive is enormous, not a penny needs to be deposited in order to play, some of the special offers available are great and the overall site performance is exceptional.



  • Customer service telephone lines are not open 24 hours a day.
  • Standard welcome bonus offers are diluted by excessive wagering requirements.
  • Some may find the overall site design a little crowded and cluttered.
  • Mobile gamers often prefer apps to mobile websites.


  • A library of games that simply towers over the competition.
  • An interesting feature/special offer to curb first-day losses.
  • Incredibly fast and fluid performance across the entire site.
  • Fabulous customer service team and fast response times.
  • Potentially life-changing Vegas-level jackpots available throughout the year.