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IG Index
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Reasons to Play

  • Perhaps the best introduction to exchange options on the web
  • Outstanding support available at all times
  • Both the desktop and mobile interfaces are extremely impressive
  • An enjoyable alternative to standard binary options trading

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    IG Index

    Whichever way you look at it, choosing a binary options broker to do business with should not be as difficult as it in fact is. Over recent years, thousands of new brands and platforms have popped up out of nowhere, of which only a select few have made the grade when put to the test. By contrast, there are certain brands and businesses that are so incredibly well established that the very mention of their name is all it takes to instil a sense of trust and confidence. The question being – where does IG Index fit into all this? Read on and Casino Papa will share all!

    If size and scale are important measures when it comes to determining the value of a binary options broker, it’s pretty safe to say that IG Index would be right up there at the top. They are, quite simply, the biggest broker in the United Kingdom and have established an enormous following and reputation on a global basis. They are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for total peace of mind, the brand is publicly listed on the London stock exchange and their current balance sheet is debt-free. Simply by taking into account these few facts alone, it becomes abundantly clear that IG Index is the real deal.


    Contact Information

    • Casino Name: IG Index

    Site Overview

    The first and most important thing to take into account when trading with IG Index is the way in which binaries are traded by the company over an exchange. What this basically means is that this enables margins to be kept to the lowest possible minimums, while at the same time giving traders the opportunity to close their positions at any moment they decide to. The long and short of it being that binary options become significantly more flexible in the way they can be traded in accordance with the exact terms of the trader, as opposed to the traders simply having to follow other terms imposed by the broker. However, there is also the ’Sprint’ option available at IG Index, which is a standard short-term binary option and doesn’t take place over an exchange.

    IG Sprint Options make an extremely appealing prospect for those looking to dive into the action and receive the fastest possible result. These are the options that will be most familiar to anyone that has any experience with standard binary trading. You select the asset you would like to work with, enter a trade amount, choose expiry time between 60 seconds and 60 minutes, choose which direction you think the option will go and hit the button. When dealing with these kinds of options, the minimum investment amount is £20.

    Like quite a number of similar platforms up and running right now, it appears the primary focus at IG Index has been making the introduction to ‘exchange’ binary options trading as simple and enjoyable as possible. When first presented with the screens themselves, it’s natural to be a little apprehensive as there may be quite a lot going on that isn’t immediately obvious. Nevertheless, IG Index provides customers with the option of getting started with a demo account, not to mention the most outstanding online support throughout the process. And just as soon as you become even slightly savvy with how it all works, you will realise that there are many outstanding benefits of trading via an exchange. And of course, the fact that IG Index also offers access to standard binary trading represents a bonus in its own right.

    The general consensus among experts is that the IG Index mobile application is by a huge margin one of the most complete, feature-rich and impressive on the market. Unlike most, it runs like a dream across pretty much every device and operating system going – including Windows Phone and BlackBerry. One of the biggest benefits of this particular mobile app is the way in which it provides traders with free access to important market news and events, rather than limiting such updates only to the desktop platform.

    Getting started with IG Index demands a minimum deposit of £100, which is about the average these days. Trades can be made from as little as 50p and we found payments in both directions to be handled extremely smoothly and promptly. One slight downside is the fact that if you use a credit card or debit card that is non-UK, you’ll pay a fee of 1.5% on every transaction. There are no withdrawal fees when using any other payment types however and we found dealing with the customer care team a at IG Index to be nothing less than a pleasure.

    Best Features
    As touched upon earlier, one of the very best features about IG Index in general is the way in which it simplifies the introduction to exchange options trading superbly. In addition, the mobile app is unanimously agreed among experts to be one of the most outstanding the industry has ever seen.

    On the whole, you would have to dig pretty deep to find anything particularly negative to say about what is on offer at IG Index. The platform itself is nothing short of outstanding, as an introduction to exchange trading there’s really no better place to head and they also offer excellent traditional binary options trading as a bonus. Coupled with superb support at all times, IG Index delivers the total package that is very difficult to knock.


    • 1.5% fee charged on non-UK card transactions
    • A slightly lower minimum deposit would be nice
    • Not the largest asset library


    • A brilliant introduction to exchange trading
    • Standard binary options trading also available
    • Excellent learning resources and educational materials
    • Fully-functional and feature-rich mobile app
    • Access to plenty of quality assets
    • One of the most secure and trusted exchanges on the market
    • Industry leading customer service

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