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Bingo Diamond
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  • Loads of free bingo and BOGOF tickets
  • An excellent mobile experience for gaming on the go
  • Simplified site design with no unnecessary distractions
  • A high-quality customer care team available 24/7

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    Bingo Diamond Review & Bonus

    Purple and proud of it; the unofficial motto we’ve just made up for the folks at Bingo Diamond. As far as their official blurb goes, the primary goal of Bingo Diamond is to continue surprising bingo players with unexpected and on-going…well, surprises! They talk a big game mentioning big bonuses and non-stop action – the question being whether or not they deliver. Your new favourite name in bingo, or just another name on the pile? Read on and Casino Papa will tell you all you need to know!

    Even if you’ve personally never come across the name before, Bingo Diamond has been in business for more than five years now. Which makes them veterans compared to thousands of newbies that have joined up since then. It’s a tale of wall-to-wall sparkle, with lashings of gold, purple and what we assume to be diamonds to be flying all over the place. So they paint a pretty enough picture, but how about the all-important substance beneath the style?

    Thanks to the guys at Ball Bingo for this video 🙂


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    Site Summary
    Well, we’ll start off by saying that starting off with Bingo Diamond is nice and straightforward. Nothing has been complicated just for the sake of complications, which means that getting stuck into things in just a few minutes is a breeze. And when you do get started, you’ll be presented with that pretty purple backdrop we’ve already gone over. In general, the site looks and feels pretty good to work with. They’ve not gone over the top with visuals and extras, instead keeping things stripped-back and simple. It’s really simple to navigate and get to where you need to be, which is of course what matters.

    That and the promotions, which we’ll take a look at now. At the time of writing, Bingo Diamond was offering a generous 200% bonus up to a maximum of £20 for newcomers. Which basically means that if you credit your account with £10, you’ll get £30 to play with. It’s not the biggest of bonuses, but given the 5X wagering requirements attached to it, you probably wouldn’t want it any bigger. On the whole, Bingo Diamond comes out somewhere in the middle in bonus stakes – ok, but not the best.

    One of the essentials Bingo Diamond covers very well indeed is free bingo. Everyone likes a bit of free bingo and with these guys, there are free games every day. Along with the free games, there’s a generous offer where buying six tickets at 50p each will see you handed another six as a freebie. This BOGOF offer is active most of the time and applies to a whole array of games. Some of the bingo games offer pretty hefty prizes too, with specials often guaranteeing a minimum top prize of £1,000.

    If you’re a regular player, you’ll stack up one loyalty point for every £10 you spend on bingo. These can eventually be exchanged for cash, but you’ll need at least 500 saved up before you can claim £5 back. In addition, points are only valid for a period of three months, after which they expire and are worth nothing. So again, you’ll need to play pretty heavily to earn anything much from the loyalty program.

    As for the actual bingo itself, there’s a plethora of 90-ball and 75-ball games to choose from, meaning not quite as much variety as you might find elsewhere. As is the case with most these days, they also mix things up with a smattering of slots and casino games, just in case you fancy a change from bingo. Of course, you’d be right not to expect anything too spectacular by way of casino gaming – dedicated bingo sites don’t usually go mad with the Vegas stuff. Still, there’s a good selection of slots, there’s roulette, there’s blackjack and so on, so enough to keep you busy at least.

    If you’re more about gaming on the go than getting your bingo at home, no downloads are required to access the Bingo Diamond mobile site. The mobile experience is pretty good on the whole, though excels in the fact that the chat facility can also be used via mobile – very rare indeed. Withdrawal minimums are set at £20, though withdrawal processing times are a rather disappointing seven working days.

    All topped off with the joys of 24/7 customer service, it’s safe to say that Bingo Diamond has a fair amount going for it, though isn’t what you’d call a bingo site to write home about.

    Best Features
    Simplicity is the name of the game at Bingo Diamond so if this is what you’re after, they’ve hit the nail on the head. We also particularly liked the in-game chat games going on during our tests, run by some really friendly and entertaining chat room moderators.

    In conclusion, it’s a fairly similar story to so many of the other bingo sites doing the rounds right now. Technically speaking, Bingo Diamond ticks most of the right boxes necessary to call yourself a top provider. But at the same time, it doesn’t excel in enough areas to stand out from the competition. Good enough, but not what you’d call stellar.


    • Not the largest variety of bingo games
    • Casino gaming a little on the weak side
    • Seven-day withdrawal processing times not great


    • A decent welcome bonus with simple terms
    • Loads of free bingo and BOGOF offers
    • Plenty of regular chat games
    • A great mobile experience with chat facility
    • Easy-to-use platform
    • Mobile experience across most popular platforms

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