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  • An absolutely gorgeous platform and brilliant user-interface
  • Market-leading mobile app for iOS and Android
  • The recipient of multiple prestigious awards
  • Unrivalled customer service, safety and security

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    24Option Binary Options Site Review

    Award-winning technology, massive media exposure, the backing of the pros – when there’s this much hype surrounding a binary options broker, it’s hard not to buy into it. But as you will have no doubt learned yourself over the years, all the hype in the world doesn’t necessarily lead to anything great in real life.  Still, you’d be forgiven for thinking that 24Option really doesn’t know how to put a foot wrong. So when put to the test, what exactly is it about 24Option that makes it (or supposedly makes it) quite simply the best binary options broker on the market? Casino Papa has been doing some snooping – read on for more!

    If you’re the kind of trader that buys into pedigree and reputation, you will probably be in your element with 24Option. Quite simply, there isn’t a team in the game today that can hold a candle to these guys when it comes to the number of awards they have picked up over the years. Boris Becker has been the face of the brand for quite some time now and they don’t seem afraid to offer enormous prizes for periodic competitions. Make no mistake about it – this is no small fry service provider. Instead, 24Option is the real deal.


    Contact Information

    Site Summary
    The first thing that immediately strikes you upon hitting the 24Option home page for the first time is how incredibly gorgeous it all is. It’s pretty obvious that no expense has been spared whatsoever when it comes to the visual prowess of the user-interface, which is quite frankly stunning in every way.  Quite simply one of the most technologically advanced platforms the industry has ever seen, it brings together a real feeling of professionalism and luxury at the same time. Trading types available include High/Low, One Touch, Boundary and Short Term options, while the asset library provides access to well over 100 of the most popular and important trading instruments.

    Clearly crafted with newcomers in mind, 24Option does away with the usual ‘call’ and ‘put’ buttons to replace them with simple plus and minus signs. We can only assume that this is to minimise potential confusion, which is a touch we liked. It’s an incredibly easy point-and-click affair, which even those with no experience whatsoever are guaranteed to find comprehensively accessible.

    There’s a pretty fantastic demo account available at 24Option, with the one slight downside of having to first pay at least $250 into your account. This might be the same as you’d find pretty much everywhere else, but it still isn’t ideal. However, 24Option more than makes up for this in the fact that it is one of the very few binary options brokers in business that is happy to give anyone and everyone free access to a comprehensive range of training and educational materials – without having to sign up for an account. There’s so much information and a rich archive of video tutorials right there in front of you – no account necessary.

    One of the standout features that never fails to draw rave reviews is 24Option’s “BuyBack” option. What it basically means is that if you find yourself heading for disaster with any open option, you can choose to effectively cash out of it right up to 5 minutes before the expiry time, in order to receive at least some of your stake back. You won’t get all of your money back, but anything is better than nothing…right?

    It’s also surprising in this day and age just how many binary options brokers do not seem to have realised the fact that customers respond extremely kindly to live-chat services. Which is why it’s a pleasure to see that 24Option is one of very few that offers a comprehensive live-chat service, which in our tests at least proved to be superb. On top of this, they also offer telephone support with sixteen national-rate numbers and support available in no less than sixteen languages.

    On top of all of this, the free mobile app available for iOS and Android devices alike is nothing less than a work of art. The presentation of the platform via the mobile app is simply stunning and makes it easy to enter into and monitor multiple options at the same time, from anywhere with an Internet connection.  What’s more, 24Option makes it abundantly clear that customer safety and security is taken very seriously, which in turn means total peace of mind for traders at all levels.

    Best Features
    As already mentioned, it is the way in which you get a distinct sense of luxury and professionalism from24Option that makes it a truly standout option for traders at all levels. The user-interface is nothing short of spectacular and the mobile app is just as good as the standard desktop platform. The customer service team is also truly outstanding and accessible from all over the world.

    While it may not be the case with certain other household names, 24Option is a binary options broker for which the hype really is justified. If you can see past those bonus terms and you don’t particularly need a demo account, you probably won’t find a better service provider than 24Option.


    • Bonus terms and conditions extremely complex and often severe
    • The 24Option demo account really should be 100% free of charge


    • One of the best trading platforms in terms of the user experience
    • Incredibly easy to use and packed with features
    • Fantastic learning resources that can be accessed without opening an account
    • Secure, safe and reliable service provider in general
    • Excellent maximum payout rates
    • Outstanding customer support
    • Great asset library and plenty of trading types available

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