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Spice Bingo Review
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  • Affordable scratch cards with decent jackpots to play for
  • Excellent bingo with plenty of free bingo action daily
  • An extremely simple and enjoyable experience on desktop and mobile alike
  • Regular competitions and a company blog to keep up to date

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    Spice Bingo Review

    For some reason…which we’re unable to explain right now…many of the best online scratch card experiences can be found via bingo sites. In so many instances, tiny and even unknown bingo sites cater to the needs of scratchy fans far better than the biggest names in the business. We’re not sure why this is the case, but it is…end of story! In fact, many big-name sites still aren’t giving scratch cards any time or attention whatsoever. So where does Spice Bingo fit into all this? A scratchy haven worthy of your time? Read on for all the details you’ll need from Casino Papa!


    Established in 2013, Spice Bingo is a relative newcomer to the scene, though has a surprisingly strong reputation. We use the term ‘surprising’ as it’s pretty hard these days to come across any bingo site or online casino with almost exclusively positive feedback. It seems fans and followers of Spice Bingo have little to nothing negative to say about what’s on offer. But can the same be said for those out for a little scratchy action?


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    Site Summary

    Boasting a bold and beautiful Bollywood theme, Spice Bingo is certainly pretty to look at. It only takes a glance to see how much effort has been made to keep Spice Bingo as simple and accessible as possible. Minimal distractions, zero clutter and just a few options to choose from add up to one of the most uncomplicated bingo sites we’ve come across to date. Not to mention, a site that perfectly illustrates the point that less really can be more.
    As for the scratch cards on offer, Spice Bingo doesn’t exactly top the table in terms of numbers. The reason being that the scratch cards on offer total four…just four. Which is a bit of a shame, considering the fact that the scratch cards that are available are so good. Candy Island, Go Bananas, Hot Streak and Magic Money – all hugely entertaining and playable from as little as 25p. Top prizes are limited to around the £400 mark, but the likelihood of at least winning a small prize is better here than elsewhere. So once again, it’s a shame quantity takes such a huge backseat to quality – things could be balanced a little better.

    While it may be a relatively small and unassuming site, Spice Bingo doesn’t mess around when it comes to promotions. All new customers qualify for an additional £20 top-up on their first deposits, along with the opportunity to ‘spin the wheel’ for an extra bonus. If we’re being totally honest, the whole ‘wheel’ gimmick doesn’t really do the job for us as that’s all it really is…a gimmick. Along with giving the impression you’re in with a chance of winning £2,500, the fact that 4X wagering requirement apply make it a prize that might not be worth playing for! Still, the initial bonus is good enough and there were at least 14 additional on-going promos active at the time of our review.
    That’s 14…which is plenty!
    We can’t say we encountered any problems at all with the customer service provided by Spice Bingo. It’s a shame there’s no contact telephone number available, but we love the fact that they offer support via WhatsApp. Something we’d really like to see more of elsewhere. The team operates during standard office hours Monday to Friday, so it’s advisable to avoid issues at the weekend as you might be stuck with them.
    Last but not least, the simplicity of Spice Bingo makes for a great mobile experience across iOS and Android devices alike. The perfect site for dipping in and out of when you’re looking to kill a few minutes here and there.

    Simplicity is the name of the game with Spice Bingo, which is also its best feature. It’s the kind of comprehensively uncomplicated site that really couldn’t be easier to find your way around. What’s more, there’s also a superb accompanying blog written by Spice Bingo, which offers the chance to win fantastic prizes with regular competitions.

    If only Spice Bingo had a few more scratch cards to choose from. If it did, it’d rank pretty highly as a top-pick for anyone looking for simplified, back-to-basics gaming at its very best. Which is exactly what it delivers, only in rather small doses. Still, we can at least say that what Spice Bingo does, it does well…and very well at that!


    • Only four scratch cards available at the time of our review
    • Welcome bonus offer system a little gimmicky
    • No customer service during evenings and weekends
    • Top prizes less than spectacular


    • A beautifully simple interface and user-experience in general
    • Equally impressive on desktop and mobile devices alike
    • High-quality scratch cards for a variety of prices
    • Excellent bingo and plenty of free games every day
    • A professional and capable customer support team