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Slots Heaven Review
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Reasons to Play

  • Excellent gaming library with hundreds of slots to choose from
  • Fantastic presentation and a great overall user experience
  • One of the best live-dealer sections currently operational
  • A superb experience across desktop and mobile devices alike

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      Slots Heaven Review

      If you know Casino Papa, you’ll know we don’t exactly throw our arms in the air in celebration at the thought of yet another dedicated slots site. Which has nothing to do with the quality or content of the site in question, but more the way in which the vast majority of slot sites currently doing the rounds are pretty much identical. Which is precisely why even with a tantalising name like Slots Heaven, you find yourself expecting another big dose of exactly the same thing.  Still, there will always be the odd exception here and there that really does bring something new to the table. The question being – where does Slots Heaven fit in with all this?


      Chances are that if you haven’t already heard of Slots Heaven, you’ve definitely heard of the Mansion group. One of the biggest and most successful online gaming companies to date, with experience stretching back more than a decade. Slots Heaven itself joined the party in 2013 and was, as the name quite rightly suggests, designed to deliver an enhanced slot-focused gaming experience.  Fully licensed and regulated, Slots Heaven has been expanding ever since and has become one of the most popular gaming sites ever to make it out of Mansion’s studios.


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      Site Summary

      So if this is the case, what’s the big secret to the success behind Slots Heaven?

      Well, first of all it’s impossible not to love the way the site is put together.  Everything centres on a classic black and neon combination that immediately harks back to the good old days in Las Vegas. The whole thing is incredibly sleek, polished and professional, perfectly nailing that elusive balance between new and old. Everything runs incredibly smoothly and the addition of a jackpot counter detailing all of the biggest prizes on offer is always welcome. The navigation system is intuitive, with nine large tabs providing instant access to the various types of games on offer.

      Really, you only need to glance at the way Slots Heaven gets the job done to know they’re getting the job done right!

      Despite the somewhat misleading name, Slots Heaven really isn’t focused on slots at all. Well, it is to the extent that there are hundreds and hundreds of the very best slots in existence available. But at the same time, pretty much every other casino game imaginable is covered with impressive generosity. Along with dozens of table games and a fair few exclusives, there’s also one of the most enjoyable live casino experiences you’re ever likely to come across. They’ve got the whole live-dealer setup nailed from top to bottom, unlike certain rivals that will remain nameless for the time being…

      Everything about the mobile experience is just as impressive as the desktop version of Slots Heaven. Aside from the fact that via mobile, the whole thing somehow becomes even simpler to navigate. And it has to be said the presentation of Slots Heaven translates beautifully to large and small mobile devices alike.

      If it’s welcome bonuses you’re interested in, Slots Heaven dishes out a handful of deals with tragically steep wagering requirements. There’s an initial welcome bonus of 200% to a maximum of £400 available, which is rendered relatively useless by 40X wagering requirements. Meaning that unless you plan to spend an absolute fortune, there is little point to it, truth be told. The same also goes for the VIP/loyalty system, which certainly has some appeal for high rollers but very little for everyone else.

      Last but not least, customer service seems to be something of a contentious issue with Slots Heaven. Not to mention, the Mansion group in general. For every satisfied customer you come across, there seems to be another with a much more negative experience of the service they’ve been provided with. During our review, we found this to be a relatively accurate portrayal. Sometimes, our queries were answered and dealt with as quickly as realistically possible by friendly and helpful representatives. Other times, we either couldn’t get a reply in the first place or were treated more like a hindrance than a paying customer.  Customer service operating hours are listed as 24/7, but trying to get a response outside office hours can be a little like drawing blood from a stone.

      Still, that was just our experience!

      Best Features

      During our time with Slots Heaven, we found the best feature to be the way the whole thing was presented in general. The navigation system is pretty much perfect, the theme is one of our personal favourites and the range of games on offer is stellar. As mentioned, we were also suitably impressed by the mobile experience.


      On the whole, it’s a bit of a mixed bag with Slots Heaven. Some important areas for improvement, but a fair few impressive features at the same time.  Everything about it looks great and there’s nothing negative to say about the games on offer.


      • Wagering requirements far too steep
      • Customer enquiries not always answered professionally (or at all!)
      • Lots of reports of complicated and lengthy withdrawals


      • The overall site design is one of the most attractive we’ve come across
      • A huge selection of slots and general casino gaming
      • Very impressive live-dealer section
      • A brilliant mobile experience and flawless site performance
      • Occasional no-deposit bonus offers for getting started