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    Karamba Casino Review

    It’s usually safe to say that when a casino brand has over a decade’s experience behind it, they know exactly what they’re doing. Usually, but not always. In the case of Karamba Casino, these guys have been doing what they do since 2005, making them a veteran among veterans. And to say they’re a big deal in Scandinavia would be an understatement – big-time TV campaigns having worked wonders for them. But looking at them from an international perspective, how does Karamba Casino stack up against the competition? Read on for Casino Papa’s full rundown of the highs and the lows!


    With a name like Karamba, you’d expect something of an in-your-face party affair from the word go. You’d also expect a loud, brash and bold casino that was more about shouting than whispering. And above all else, you’d expect a ton of fun. The question being – how do such expectations pan out when putting Karamba Casino to the test?


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    Site Summary

    Well, first of all it’s impossible to ignore the fact that it’s not nearly as explosive in presentation as you might expect. If you presumed it would all be wall-to-wall craziness and chaos, it isn’t. Instead, it’s stripped back almost to the point of bland…almost…with very little by way of visual garnishes. What’s more, it’s totally obvious after a single glance that the mobile crowd represents the primary focus for these guys. The desktop site is basically an enlarged mobile casino site, which will of course please some more than others. As for us, it got the job done well enough so we’re largely indifferent.

    In terms of games…well, let’s just say they make no secret of the fact that slots are the biggest of big deals at Karamba Casino. In fact, it’d actually be more apt to call it a slots site. There are absolutely tons of the things to choose from, conveniently separated into categories for easy access. Hundreds and hundreds of slots – slots as far as the eye can see! Every classic and new addition you could ever wish for is present and correct, while the site’s software keeps things slick and smooth-running at all times.

    As for the rest of the casino action, it’s not what you’d call abundant…if we’re being honest. Hit the ‘Casino’ tab at Karamba Casino and you’ll be whisked over to a separate page, which features a rather paltry 10 casino games. That’s just 10 in total…a little disappointing when considering the fact that some rivals have 18 different types of roulette on offer alone. As expected when put to the test, the casino games just about tick the necessary boxes, but feel as if they’re going through the motions, rather than making any real effort. There is however the option of live dealer gaming, which considering the lacklustre casino coverage is decent enough.

    Moving on to those all-important promotions, it’s no surprise to see that with such a slots-heavy site, the bonuses and promos tend to focus on free spins. There’s a 100% welcome bonus of up to £200 to make use of, along with up to 100 free spins over the first three days. As always, it’s all subject to the usual 35X wagering requirements, which are just about average these days. There’s also the James-Bond themesKaramba Royale, Friends with Benefits, Free Spins Fest and Monthly Cashback Craze promos to sink your teeth into. They’re currently giving away a bunch of VIP trips to Malta too, which is rather nice.

    One thing we really liked about Karamba Casino is the Demo Play options. Hit this and you’ll be whisked away to a platform where tons of the games on offer can be played free of charge, without even having to open an account. This is something we really do love to see and remains a stark rarity.

    We’ve come across a few complaints regarding the maximum £10,000 monthly withdrawal limit at Karamba Casino. Some might consider this to be a little low, but it’s more than sufficient for about 99.99% of gamers. Payments in and out are handled promptly and there’s really no point listing the accepted payment times – all the usual suspects are covered. And with 24/7 customer support with various lines of communication to choose from to boot, it’s not a bad package on the whole from the Karamba Casino team.

    Best Features

    It’s hard to deny that the epic array of slots on offer at Karamba Casino stands out as a seriously impressive feature. Likewise, those who are after the simplest possible platform and easy access to the best slots in the business will be in their element here. We’re also big fans of the competitions these guys run with very generous prizes to play for.


    To be honest, there’s only one thing that really bugs us about Karamba Casino here at Casino Papa. And that’s the fact that it is called a casino, rather than a slots site. The simple fact of the matter is that those looking for casino gaming at its finest or even in generous supply will not find what they’re after here…not even close. But at the same time, anyone out for pure slot-based merriment and an easy-to-use platform will be well and truly in their element.


    • The casino section itself is very sparse
    • Some argue the monthly withdrawal limit is too low
    • Perhaps slightly oversimplified desktop site


    • A generous welcome bonus of 100%
    • Plenty of on-going promotions and specials
    • A massive collection of slots
    • Easy site to navigate and use
    • Brilliant demo play section with no account required
    • A great mobile experience