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Dotty Bingo
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  • Massive range of slots available alongside the bingo rooms
  • An excellent mobile experience for gaming on the go
  • A high-quality customer care team and service package
  • Great mobile site for gaming on the go

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    Dotty Bingo Review

    The first and most important question Casino Papa asks when coming across a site like Dotty Bingo is ‘why?’ As in, why is it that Dotty Bingo exists? What kind of unique selling points does it have, over and above rivals? Or more importantly, what can it offer that its various siblings sites cannot? There are so many brands these days that launch multiple identical bingo sites just for the sake of doing so. And in most instances, the word ‘uninspiring’ comes to mind.  But what’s the story with Dotty Bingo? A worthy addition to Broadway Gaming’s collection, or just another name on the pile?

    You personally may only just be coming across Dotty Bingo, but they’ve actually been up and running since 2011. Sibling site to Butler’s Bingo, Rehab Bingo and a whole bunch of others, it’s a very familiar tale from the get-go and another claim of ‘The UK’s Friendliest Online Bingo Site’. Slightly annoying to see the exact same blurb repeated, but at the same time we can’t deny that what’s on offer at Dotty Bingo does indeed come across as warm, friendly and welcoming.


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    Site Summary
    Microgaming software may well power Dotty Bingo, but it’s not quite as evident as it might be with other sites. Which if you asked those who don’t particularly like Microgaming bingo sites might actually be a good thing! As is the case with the rest of the offerings from Broadway, the site as a whole is incredibly simple and appears to have been designed primarily with mobile customers in mind.

    To be perfectly honest, if you are familiar with what’s on offer elsewhere from Broadway Gaming, you’ll immediately feel like you know Dotty Bingo inside and out. Most of what’s on offer right down to the bonuses is very similar to what’s available elsewhere – the main offer at the time of writing being a 250% welcome bonus up to a maximum value of £25. So you pay £10 into your account and get £25 extra thrown in – albeit with quite steep 5X wagering requirements. This is a little on the heavy side – the same going for the minimum withdrawal amount of £20.

    As for on-going jackpot offers and competitions, these games are networked between Dotty Bingo’s various sibling sites, meaning there’s not a great deal on offer that you’d call ‘exclusive’. There are plenty of slots (400+) to spice up the action and four bingo rooms available, but that’s about it. Still, when you’ve the chance to play for £10,000 on the last Saturday of every month and up to £1,000 every day with the Ball Blast promotion, these are certainly the kinds of deals not to be sniffed at. Oh, and there’s also the opportunity to win a full week’s free bingo, which is nice!

    As for those claims of friendliness, it’s certainly a pleasant experience but not one we’d put at the same level at that as Butler’s Bingo or Rehab Bingo. They’re active enough on social media and in the chat facilities, but it seems there’s more promotion and sales going on here than elsewhere. Admittedly though, that could have just been our own personal experience at the time we carried out our tests, but there you go. They also focus quite heavily on the massive range of slots available, along with those enormous seven-figure progressive jackpots. In fact, you very nearly get the impression that they’re driving folk more toward jackpot games than bingo, which is a bit odd for a bingo site.

    On the plus side, the mobile experience is great and the provision of 24/7 customer support is a real plus point. There’s no customer service telephone number…which is a shame…but live chat runs around the clock and was pretty great in our experience. But even when taking these into account, we just can’t help feel that when a bingo site pushes slots more aggressively than the bingo on offer, it just doesn’t paint the best picture for those out for the very best bingo. Dotty Bingo is ok, but doesn’t serve up anything to write home about.

    Best Features
    If you’re the kind of bingo player that also likes to mix things up with slots, you’ll be in your element at Dotty Bingo – there are hundreds of them. Also, 24/7 customer support is always a bonus, as is a simplified site design and a great mobile version for gaming on the go.

    Putting all the pieces together, Dotty Bingo is a pretty strong example of exactly what we were talking about right at the beginning. It’s not that it does anything wrong as such, but it also doesn’t do much to justify its own existence. It’s far more about the 400+ slots available and progressive jackpots than the bingo itself, meaning that the bingo inevitably suffers as a result. Feel free to check out what’s on offer, but don’t expect to be too impressed if it’s bingo you’re after.


    • Bonus wagering requirements a bit too steep
    • No customer service telephone number
    • They seem more interested in slots than bingo


    • An extremely simple website and friendly user interface
    • 24/4 customer service
    • Great jackpot games and quality bingo rooms
    • A great mobile experience

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