VIP Bonuses And Loyalty Programmes

Fancy yourself as a bit of a high-roller? Planning on spending quite a lot of time and money with online casinos? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you should definitely think carefully about the kinds of loyalty programs and VIP offers up for grabs right now!

Come to Papa for the inside scoop on perks and benefits for serious gamers!

With so many new web casinos opening their doors practically on a daily basis, existing brands have little choice but to offer as many perks and bonuses as possible to hold onto loyal gamers. After all, when you already have customers spending huge sums of cash with your business, it just makes sense to work hard to keep them!

Which is where VIP programmes and loyalty bonuses come into the equation, which vary from exclusive competitions to on-going account top-ups to expedited withdrawals and right through to personal account managers.

Qualifying for Membership

In terms of actually joining any given VIP program, each and every casino you come across will have its own rules, regulations and requirements when it comes to qualification. In some instances, you may be required to wager a certain amount of money every month for a given period of time. In others, it may be necessary to deposit a minimum of £2,000 or even £5,000 when getting started. The rules vary enormously from one brand to the next, but in all instances tend only to appeal to high-rollers and big spenders.

The Benefits of VIP Status

As for whether it’s worth bothering becoming a VIP, the simple answer if you plan to wager plenty of money and take your gaming seriously is ‘yes’. There are plenty of bonuses and perks available for these higher-level gamers, so even in instances where they’re less-than earth-shattering, it simply makes sense to make use of them!

Just a few examples of the kinds of VIP benefits to be on the lookout for include:

  • Access to exclusive games and competitions
  • Enhanced customer service with your own private account manager
  • Expedited withdrawals and higher deposit/withdrawal limits
  • Count top-up bonuses and other free credits

Loyalty Programs

Online casino loyalty programmes are somewhat different from VIP programmes in that they are usually open to absolutely anyone and do not necessarily require large initial top-ups. Instead, what usually happens is that loyalty points are accrued over time, in accordance with how much money the player in question wagers. The more you spend, the more loyalty points you gather and the better the perks they can be exchanged for.

Those in VIP programmes usually benefit from more loyalty points per-play than standard members, though will also naturally earn vastly more points through their high-roller gaming. More often than not, loyalty points can be exchanged at any time for the same kinds of benefits as those listed above, or additional perks like free spins or cash payouts.

As the specifics of such schemes differ enormously from one casino to the next, it is highly advisable to read and acknowledge all terms and conditions before going ahead.

Check out the following recommendations from Casino Papa for some of the best VIP schemes and loyalty programs available right now!

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