Bonus Whoring

If there was a way of beating the house, you could bet your bottom dollar half the world would be doing it around the clock. But there isn’t, which is why any time you hear stories from those who’ve apparently mastered the art of exploiting online casinos, you might not want to take their advice!

Come to Casino Papa for the truth on bonus exploitation and who really wins!

Contrary to popular belief, bonuses offered by online casinos are supposed to be treated as fun toys to play with. Or to put it another way, they are most certainly NOT to be interpreted as a) free money or b) gifts with which to make easy money.

It’s all just a case of simple common sense, but there will always be those who indulge in somewhat shady undertakings with the intention of exploiting casino bonuses. Some call it ‘bonus whoring’ while others call it a complete waste of time, money and effort…so what’s the story?

A Flawed Approach

As the name at least somewhat rightly suggests, bonus whoring is all about attempting to squeeze money out of online casinos without ever spending a penny. On the surface it seems relatively simple and sensible – what with there being so many brands these days offering no-deposit bonuses.

And that’s exactly what these guys tend to do – they soak up as many no-deposit bonuses as possible, knowing that in each instance the worst that can happen is to come out no worse than when you started…no money lost. The wagering requirements may be steep, but if you have the time, the patience and indeed the skill to sit around long enough and get the job done, you could eventually end up with cash in the account that can be withdrawn.

You Think They Don’t Know?

Unfortunately, it’s not as if the biggest online casinos in the world aren’t entirely up to speed about what’s going on – precisely why no-deposit wagering requirements are usually borderline impossible. This is especially so when factoring in the imposed time limitations, which makes it all the more difficult to beat the house.

Speaking of which, it’s also a standard practice for those on the business end of the equation to ensure that the only games that count toward the wagering requirements of no-deposit bonuses are those that give the house a massive statistical edge. Meaning that when you do the mathematics of things, coming out a winner really does straddle the line with impossible.

So next time you hear any stories of these kinds of practices paying off in a big way, feel free to snigger at the poor fool on our behalf!

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