No-Deposit Bonus

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Undoubtedly, as the single most tempting bonus offer on the market these days, more casinos than ever before are offering no-deposit bonuses. As a means by which to attract new customers, they can be borderline irresistible. But at the same time, is it realistic to expect hundreds of casinos all over the world to throw out free money, no questions asked?

Just what’s the story when it comes to no-deposit bonuses?

How it Works

What’s great about the no-deposit bonus is that even in instances where things aren’t exactly as they seem, it’s a relatively risk-free approach to getting started. In a nutshell, a casino will begin advertising an offer whereby new members have the opportunity to sign up and receive a small amount of cash to play with, without having to deposit any money of their own. Or in other words, free cash in your account for doing absolutely nothing.

Unsurprisingly, these tend to be some of the smallest bonuses offered by web casinos as it’s not as if handing out massive wads of cash makes good business sense! But in any case, the money offered ‘free’ of charge is in fact anything but free cash in your pocket. It’s there in your account and you can use it to play the games of your choosing, but actually getting your hands on it is another matter entirely.

Terms and Conditions

As with all casino bonuses, there are relatively strict terms and conditions when it comes to no-deposit bonuses. In fact, wagering requirements tends to be considerably higher for these kinds of bonuses, in order to ensure that the casino definitely makes its money back!

To put it into a working example:

  • You decide to become a member of a casino after seeing that it is offering a welcome bonus of £10 with no deposit required.
  • You sign up, your account is activated and you have £10 to try out the various games on offer.
  • In this particular instance, the casino attaches wagering requirements of 50X to the bonus amount – along with a two-week deadline.
  • This in turn means that if you want to access any of the cash you win with the bonus £10, you would need to put at least £500 of your own money on the line within the next two weeks.
  • Requirements are not met, the bonus amounts and all winnings therefrom are forfeited .

So on one hand it’s really nothing close to free money, but on the other it’s a great way of getting to know the casino and its games without having to put a penny of your own cash on the line. And of course, if you take the time to read the terms and conditions before going ahead, there’s really no excuse for facing any nasty surprises further down the line!

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