Whether less than impressed with your chosen service provider or having decided that you need a break from online gambling entirely, there are many reasons why gamers consider self-exclusion and close their accounts. When such a decision has been made, it should be made as easy as possible by the service provider – responsible casinos fully support the idea of responsible self-exclusion.

Closing Your Account

If you choose to close your account entirely, the best advice is to get in touch with the customer support team and have them help you through the process. If at any point it becomes clear that they are attempting to persuade you to change your mind and continue gambling, this is clearly a service provider you really do not want to be dealing with. Speak to the casino directly, inform them of your wishes and they should willingly help you through the process.

Temporary Exclusion

If on the other hand you would prefer an arrangement that is somewhat less permanent in nature, you might want to speak to the customer service team about temporary exclusion. This basically means that for a period of time stated by you personally, your account will be 100% inaccessible. What’s more, during this period of time you will not receive any marketing materials from the casino, including special offers, news and general reminders. This can be a good way of cooling off for a period of weeks or months, when and where necessary.


It’s important to remember that even after you fully close your account, the casino in question will most likely retain your personal data unless you specifically request that it be permanently deleted.

It is common for casinos to offer players a wide variety of special deals and discounts in order to persuade them to keep their account open. If you have decided to close your account due to not being happy with the provider or having become worried about your gambling habits, such offers are to be avoided at all costs.

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