Responsible Gambling Trust

The Responsible Gambling Trust is a non-profit organisation established for the purposes of encouraging and ensuring safe and responsible gambling for the benefit of the public. A fully-independent national charity, the Trust provides educational resources and helpful advice, offers assistance and treatment for those with gambling problems and works to prevent harmful gambling at every level.

Its primary goal is to educate the public and provide as much knowledge and support as possible, in order to encourage safe and informed decision-making. In order to ensure that the Responsible Gambling Trust is doing its job properly, it welcomes the supervision of both the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board and the Gambling Commission.

The Responsible Gambling Trust works closely with the Gambling Commission, in order to assist with the production of workable and effective nationwide strategies for reducing problematic gambling and providing the public with helpful educational resources.


Responsible Gambling Trust in not publicly funded, but instead takes voluntary donations totaling more than £5 million per year by the industry’s established gambling services. It is not mandatory for any business to contribute to the Responsible Gambling Trust, though donations are requested from any brand that makes money from gambling.

When a business donates to the Trust, it receives the Responsible Gambling Trust emblem which can then be featured on its website as a show of support and positive intentions. It is therefore always a good idea to look for this emblem when deciding which online casinos and gaming sites to use.

Responsible Gambling Trust History

The Responsible Gambling Trust was officially founded in April 2012, which was when the Responsible Gambling Fund and the GREaT Foundation merged. It would become the very first fully independent and industry-funded body to be charged with the task of bringing a high level of social responsibility and safety to the commercial gambling industry in the United Kingdom.

The merger took place as a means by which to bring greater efficiency and fluidity to the process of raising and distributing funds collected to tackle and prevent problematic gambling. In total, the Responsible Gambling Trust and the separate groups that merged to become the RGT have collected and distributed more than £25 million in voluntary donations.

What Can the Trust Do to Help?

Rather than providing front-line help and assistance for those with gambling problems, the efforts of the Responsible Gambling Trust are focused more on the long-term and the big picture. They concentrate on minimising and controlling problematic gambling on a national basis, as opposed to focusing efforts on individual gamblers. The trust offers support and financial grants to those who provide front-line care for problem gamblers, though for the most part is involved in education and research.

The Responsible Gambling Trust supports a wide variety of crucially important service providers, including the CNWL National Problem Gambling Clinic, The Gordon Moody Association and GamCare.

Contact Details

Telephone – 020-7287-1994

Website – 

Address – Responsible Gambling Trust, 35 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0DW

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