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    DraftKings Review

    Along with the standard variety favoured by hundreds of millions the world over, there’s a new(ish) type of sports betting that’s taking the market by storm.  Suffice to say that if you haven’t already tried your hand with fantasy sports contest, it’s probably only a matter of time until you do. Of course, trying something entirely different from the norm can be a little on the daunting side…assuming you want to make sure you and your cash are in safe hands. So if you’ve made the decision to give fantasy sports a try, is DraftKings the place you should be heading?  Read on and Casino Papa will tell all!


    You only have to look at the numbers to get the idea that DraftKings is both big time and big business. A $250 million deal with ESPN, a $300 million deal with Fox Sports – not the kind of cash most sites throw around on marketing and the like. Which means you also get the impression that DraftKings knows what it is doing and does it right. But at the same time, public opinion varies and not everyone seems won over…as is the case with every sports betting site. So what’s the deal with DraftKings from a neutral, third-party perspective?


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      Soho, London. W1F OJH, Box #: Suite 265

    Site Summary

    Well, if you’re not already familiar with fantasy sports contests in general, we’ll give you a quick overview of what it is DraftKings actually does. The company is headquartered in Boston MA, running a service where sports fans from all over the world can join up and try their luck in daily sports contests. They’ve built their name on offering what they claim to be 100% fair and legit service provision, making it possible for punters to take part in short-term contests. Rather than following the usual several months it takes for a major league season to play out, the results are much quicker. Albeit, in the form of virtual results and virtual teams.

    Considering they have only been in business for four years, DraftKings’ rise to fame has been impressive to say the least. They’ve appeared in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and tons of sports betting publications – they also have a seriously strong social media presence. But how does it all work?

    Well, it’s a case of taking part in fantasy leagues with a variety of sports available, including hockey, basketball, baseball, football and college leagues. Upon signing up – which happens to be free of charge – you get $50,000 in your account to pay the salaries of your chosen players. You can choose the contests of your choice, which can either be free to enter or paid. You choose your sport, assemble a team and subsequently watch the virtual games play out. Depending on the result, you’ll be credited with winnings or lose your stake accordingly.

    It may come across as somewhat complicated, but to be honest this is where the first big compliment for DraftKings comes into the equation. Even if you have absolutely no experience with this kind of sports betting before, it really is made incredibly easy to get started. The simple platform guides you through the process step by step and effectively makes it impossible for you to do anything wrong. Of course, it’s entirely in your hands whether the team put together is nothing short of legendary or quite simply awful. But at the same time, DraftKings also provides its customers with an extraordinary amount of information regarding the sports and players available, meaning the site as a whole could be the only site you’ll need to carry out your research.

    There are various different competitions available at DraftKings, which include Double Up, Sit n’ Go, Guaranteed Prize Pool, Freeroll, Multi-Entry, Winner Takes All and more. Contest durations vary, giving players the opportunity to win (or lose) in the space of a day or up to a week.  It’s a bit like betting on your favourite team throughout a whole season, only in this instance the season lasts a matter of days or hours. Oh, and it’s you that builds the team personally!

    At the time of writing, DraftKings was offering a 100% bonus on the first deposits of all new customers – subject to slightly complex terms and conditions (read in full before getting started). Keeping tabs on the action with a mobile device is a breeze, the customer care team is solid enough and the fact that you can sign up for free means being able to fully check out what’s on offer before handing over a penny.

    And just to finish on one unfortunate downside, the fact that the company is so huge yet doesn’t have a contact telephone number OR live chat is a bit disappointing to say the least.

    Once you’ve begun, you’ll be able to monitor your lineup’s status as well as your contests in real time. Your My Contests page will also include any upcoming contests, as well as those you’ve already completed.

    Best Features

    If you know Casino Papa, you will know that we like any site that allows you to sign up 100% free of charge, in order to find out what’s on offer before spending any cash. Along with this, the fact that DraftKings offer something completely different what you may already be used to means a refreshing change in its own right. And once you get well and truly stuck into virtual sports contests, they become borderline addictive. In a good way, that is.


    As far as we’re concerned, DraftKings really does top the table when it comes to this particular type of sports betting. There may be scattered reviews out there of unrealistic results and unfair treatment of newcomers, but in these kinds of betting scenarios there will always be winners and losers. Suffice to say, those in the latter camp tend to be far more vocal – you can’t please all of the people all of the time!


    • Bonus terms and conditions are a little confusing
    • Lack of telephone number and live chat not acceptable
    • Scattered reports of unrealistic fixture results


    • Easy to get started and plenty of helpful resources
    • A genuinely stellar reputation
    • Exciting weekly and daily contests
    • 100% bonus on your first deposit
    • Works great via desktop and mobile
    • Excellent customer service standards
    • A genuinely enjoyable alternative to standard sports betting