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Bet-at-Home Sports
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  • Strong focus on in-play betting
  • Solid customer care team
  • Good on-going bonuses and promotion
  • Plenty of helpful information provided

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    Bet-at-Home Sports Review

    With such an incredible arsenal of online bookies to choose from, it’s inevitable that some are going to perform better than others. Likewise, there will always be those which for whatever the reason simply do not measure up to the mark. It’s rare to come across full-on scam artists, but lacklustre sportsbooks are in no short supply. How and where does Bet-at-Home Sports score compared to its rivals? The answer…well, you’ll just have to read on to find out!

    Having been on the market since 1999, Bet-at-Home Sports certainly has pedigree and experience on its side. They’re fully licensed and regulated, plus have a pretty impeccable reputation when it comes to safety and security. Nevertheless, they aren’t what you’d necessarily call a household name when compared to their closest rivals. But does this means that what’s on offer isn’t up to scratch, or is it simply that Bet-at-Home Sports has for some reason been overlooked all these years?


    Contact Information

    • Casino Name: Bet-at-Home Sports

    Site Summary

    Well, it has to be said that first impressions are solid enough. It’s been argued by plenty of critics that the Bet-at-Home Sports website itself could do with being revamped and overhauled, but to be honest it gets the job done ok. It’s nothing special, but it’s ok. The content is a little cluttered and the overall layout isn’t the best, but we got where we needed to be without any real problems.
    The list of key markets comes across as a little short, though does open up with a click to reveal a fair few more. However, one of the biggest pet peeves among critics is the way in which you might notice that there is something important missing from the equation. And that thing is…horse racing. Now, if you’ve no interest in horse racing, this is hardly a deal-breaker. Nevertheless, it’s a little on the odd side for any major sportsbook these days not to offer daily horse racing markets. In an instant, Bet-at-Home Sports does itself a disservice by sending racing fans elsewhere.
    When it comes to the odds available for customers at Bet-at-Home Sports, this is one area in which they unfortunately let themselves down. Taking into account tennis and football – which are by a wide margin the primary focus markets at Bet-at-Home Sports – Odds are a little on the disappointing side. When compared to the likes of Betfred of Bet365, the odds offered at Bet-at-Home Sports simply cannot keep up and neither can their profit margins. It’s not that the odds at Bet-at-Home Sports are terrible – it’s simply the fact that better odds can usually be found elsewhere.

    In terms of promotions, Bet-at-Home Sports scores somewhere around the middle with a standard free bet introductory offer up to a maximum value of £50. It attaches roll over conditions of an extremely agreeable 1X, but at the same time it is only a 50% welcome bonus, with most these days offering 100% introductory bonuses. On the plus side, things fare a little better when it comes to on-going promotions, of which there are plenty to check out.
    In terms of customer service, we couldn’t find anything wrong with the overall standard in terms of the customer service team itself. However, there were two things we very much did not like about customer care at Bet-at-Home Sports. First of all, the only telephone numbers available are +365 numbers and there is no indication of call charges. In addition, absolutely nothing is mentioned about customer service opening hours. In this day and age, we’d really expect this kind of information to be provided, without having to ask for it.
    Those interested in mobile gambling will probably find the Bet-at-Home Sports mobile website sufficient, though it certainly isn’t one of the best. There is no option of a dedicated mobile application for download, so the mobile site is really all there is. Other than this, we found our time with Bet-at-Home Sports to be enjoyable enough, but didn’t find it to be a particularly mind-blowing experience.

    Best Features
    In terms of the very best things about Bet-at-Home Sports, they definitely do a good job when it comes to football coverage and in-play betting in general. There are also plenty of on-going special deals and promotions to keep things interesting.

    The biggest problem with Bet-at-Home Sports is that while it does what it needs to do, you could probably argue that there are plenty of other places doing it better. It’s not that there’s anything specifically wrong with what’s on offer here, it’s just that it is generally outperformed by rivals. Still, it is a reliable and reputable service provider in general, therefore you could definitely do worse than give Bet-at-Home Sports a try for yourself.


    • No daily horse racing coverage
    • The introductory welcome bonus is a little thin
    • Lack of information on the customer service contact page
    • The website itself isn’t particularly stunning


    • A decent collection of betting markets in general
    • Good on-going promotions and special offers
    • We found the customer care team to be extremely helpful
    • Solid in-play betting with plenty of real-time info