Online Casino Banking

The good news is that online casino banking tends to be one of the more straightforward subjects when it comes to gambling online. That is of course, assuming that you ensure you only ever play with the very best and most responsible online casinos on the market – check out Casino Papa’s independent reviews for more information on that side of things!


Once you have opened an account at an online casino, you will usually be asked to deposit funds into your account before being able to play. Some may offer you an introductory welcome bonus of £10 or so, but you will sooner or later have to deposit your own money. It’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions ahead of time as most casinos specify different minimum deposit amounts. Some will allow you to deposit as little as £5, while others demand a minimum of £20 to get started. Payment methods that are accepted will vary from one casino to the next.


If you come across a casino which at any point refers to a ‘transfer’, this is basically just another word for any deposit you make into your account after the initial deposit. Deposits are usually credited instantaneously, with the most popular payment types being credit and debit cards.


Actually withdrawing money can be a little more complicated as more often than not you will have to provide a casino with full proof of identification before being able to withdraw a penny. In most instances, you can simply send them a scan of your passport or ID card. Withdrawals also tend to take a little longer than deposits – some casinos process and complete withdrawals the same day, others warn of waiting times that can go on as long as two weeks. It all depends on the casino, the chosen payment method and how much you intend to withdraw. Those with VIP status often benefit from expedited withdrawals. It is also a good idea to check withdrawal minimums, as each casino will insist that you take out a certain amount before being able to qualify for a withdrawal – anything from £20 to £250.

Payment Types

It is always a good idea to use payment types that leave something of a paper trail for your own safety and security. Most online casinos accept a wide varietyof payment types these days, though the most popular by far are credit and debit cards and PayPal.

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