Fancy yourself as a future card shark? Interested in taking your poker skills to the next level?  Or perhaps you're simply looking to dive into the action for the first time but don't know one end of a craps table from the other?

Whatever your game, Casino Papa is here to help!

Knowledge is Power

You know how so many people will tell you that experience is everything when it comes to casino gaming?  Well, it isn't…so there. Experience counts for a lot and you can't expect to excel without getting stuck into some serious action. But at the same time, the more you know about any given game you decide to have a crack at, the better your chances of making the right decisions and staying on top.

It's a bit of a no-brainer really – how can you expect to get the most out of roulette, craps, poker, baccarat or really anything else across the board if you aren't 100% up to speed with how it all works? You could try winging it, but not only does this suck all of the fun out of casino gaming, it you are also 100% guaranteed to come a cropper, sooner or later.

Take it from Casino Papa when we say that knowledge is power and you can never know too much!

Luck of the Draw?

Ask yourself – do you really know which casino games involve even the slightest semblance of skill, along with which are 100% determined by luck and luck alone? The answer might surprise you, though suffice to say it is the kind of wisdom that can be truly priceless in value.

Once you understand which casino games you actually have at least some control over, you can set about improving your skills and talents to get the very most out of them. Likewise, by understanding that in some instances it is simply a case of luck, you may find yourself approaching the way you play very differently.

Black Cats and Horseshoes

At the risk of offending quite enormous number of gamblers all over the world, Casino Papa does not believe in superstition…never has, never will. The way we see it, while lucky charms and those quite to the contrary can be interesting and entertaining, they also have the potential to lead some gamblers down entirely the wrong path. The only problem being that if you find yourself a small fortune out of pocket, it actually has nothing whatsoever to do with your rabbit's foot keyring – it has everything to do with you!

So while there's nothing wrong with doing whatever you feel you need to do to tickle Lady Luck in all the right places, you should never rely on superstitions or blame them when things go wrong!

Tipping the Balance

How about those house odds? Have you ever taken any time to really think about the kind of edge the house has over its customers? Or you simply dive in and ignore these kinds of things?  In some instances, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the house edge. In others however, there most certainly is something you can do to tip the balance at least slightly more favourably in your direction.

Going back to the original point we kicked off with, knowledge is power when it comes to casino gaming and the more knowledge you arm yourself with, the more powerful your resulting attack will be. There's a lot you will learn as you go along, but to jump into the deep end without first knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into…well, let's just say there are better ideas out there!

Take a look through our archives, consider your options carefully and feel free to get in touch with Casino Papa with any questions or concerns you may have.