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Knowing where to start when presented with a thousand and one casino games is pretty tricky. Even if you’ve been in the game for years, the fact that hundreds of new games are landing every month makes the whole thing rather confusing to say the least. Even on a single site, you’ll probably be looking at hundreds of mind-scrambling slots, dozens of table games and ton of other exclusives the likes of which you just can’t help but dive into.

Well, here’s the good news – Casino Papa exists for the sole purpose of guiding you through today’s online casino labyrinth. By taking a long, in-depth look at the games out there and combining our personal experience with the feedback of real-life gamers, we’ve been able to pinpoint the very best games on the web…not to mention those you’d be wise to avoid!

We’ve looked far beyond the flashy visuals to take into account payout rates, jackpots, software reliability and of course…the reputation of whoever it is that’s providing the game in the first place. On the whole, overall quality and pure joy of gaming are what matter to us more than anything else – Come to Papa if you feel the same way!