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Wednesday, June 28 2017 | Home of the Best Online Casinos
Titanbet Poker
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Reasons to Play

  • Brilliant educational resources for players at all levels
  • Plenty of on-going competitions and outstanding tournaments
  • The highest level of safety and security of any current poker site
  • A mobile application that outperforms most rivals

Depost / Withdrawal

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Payout Percentage

  • Visual Pleasure
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  • Ease of Use
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  • Special Offers
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  • Performance
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Titanbet Poker Gaming & No Deposit Bonus Offer

Titanbet has always taken great pride in being one of the web’s most extensively safe, secure and regulated service providers on the scene. Titanbet Poker has grown into one of the biggest of all poker sites currently up and running on the iPoker Network and is famed for delivering superb customer service. They promise solid welcome bonuses, tons of competitions and a huge player community. So does this mean that Titanbet Poker really is the total package?  Read on for more insights from Casino Papa!


Fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, safety is something the folks behind Titanbet Poker take very seriously. There’s really no sense in taking risks with the kinds of service providers these days that don’t hold player security in high regard. But aside from outstanding player protection, what else does Titanbet Poker bring to the table?


Site Summary

Well, the first thing to note is that Titanbet Poker works by way of downloadable software client only. There’s no browser-based offering at all – whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing all comes down to personal opinion, but it’s a thing. At the time of writing, the standard welcome bonus on offer is set at 200% up to a maximum value of £1,200. Of course this isn’t anything even closely resembling free money – terms, conditions and wagering requirements apply. It’s better to look at these kinds of bonuses as fun extras, as opposed to financial gains.

There are quite a few reviewers and gamers out there who complain that the graphics and overall presentation of the Titanbet Poker website aren’t quite as advanced or polished as they are at rival sites. Here at Casino Papa, we’re totally of the belief that if the quality of the gaming is good enough, it doesn’t need to be presented with OTT visuals. Not only that, but what’s on offer at Titanbet Poker is simplified, elegant and we’d even say sophisticated. Blacks, whites, greens and the odd splash of red – it’s poker taken seriously, rather than being made into a cartoon.

In terms of the actual games on offer, Titanbet Poker focuses on the most popular poker types with a few others thrown in. The current list includes Texas Hold’em No Limit, Texas Hold’em Limit, Texas Hold’em Pot Limit, Omaha Limit, Omaha Pot Limit, Omaha Hi Lo Limit, Omaha Hi Lo Pot Limit, 5 Stud Limit, 7 Stud Limit and Razz Limit. Tournaments are also taken very seriously by these guys and cover a variety of poker types, including No Limit Texas Hold’em, Texas Hold’em Limit, Omaha Pot Limit, Omaha Hi Lo Limit, Omaha Hi Lo Pot Limit and 7 Stud Limit.

The most popular of all tournaments on offer is the £100,000 Big Sunday, which for a reasonable buy-in of £75 offers a guaranteed prize pool of £100,000.

Overall performance is great and player numbers are never a problem – Titanbet Poker has a seriously huge following. A wide variety of payment types are accepted for deposits and withdrawals, though PayPal is yet to be added to the mix.

As for mobile gaming, Titanbet Poker Mobile is one of the best mobile versions of any poker website currently up and running, bringing the same power, performance and pure security to iOS and Android devices. Over on the customer support side of things, it’s always great to see a poker site and service that offers a vast array of helpful guides and learning resources – Titanbet Poker ticking all such boxes in spades. The customer support team is available on a 24/7 basis and is a credit to the brand’s name and reputation.

Last but not least, Titanbet Poker has a justifiable reputation for offering one of the best VIP loyalty programs currently on the market, with perks ranging from huge deposit bonuses to access to exclusive competitions and tournaments.

Best Features

Along with safety and security on much higher levels than most other sites, Titanbet Pokeralso stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to tournaments. From freeroll events for newcomers to regular sit-and-go tournaments and right through the special events with massive prize pools, the action is non-stop and serves up something for everyone.


If you’re the kind of poker player who ranks quality of gaming, tournaments and the general experience above everything else, Titanbet Poker really is about as good as it gets. The same also goes for security, which is anything but an afterthought for those gaming with Titanbet Poker. It might not have all the visual bells and whistles you’d be likely to find elsewhere, but when the poker itself is as good as this, who needs anything else?


  • It would be great if PayPal was accepted
  • There have been reports of slight slowdowns during times of peak traffic


  • An extremely elegant and well-presented website
  • Outstanding performance and a very large and dedicated player community
  • Great special offers and occasional deals
  • The highest level of safety and security for members
  • Fabulous learning resources and a great customer care team

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