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Wednesday, June 28 2017 | Home of the Best Online Casinos
Titanbet Casino
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Reasons to Play

  • One of the biggest archives of high quality games of any online casino.
  • Commendable provision of helpful information for gamers.
  • Excellent customer care standards and fast response times.
  • A beautifully presented yet surprisingly simple overall platform/interface.

Depost / Withdrawal

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Payout Percentage

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Welcome Bonus & Detailed Review Of Titanbet Casino

If Titan Casino isn’t a name you’re already familiar with, don’t feel too bad about it. But while it may not be one of the most obvious household names here in the UK, it is nonetheless one of the biggest online gaming sites in the entire world. It’s been on the scene since 2008 and it’s still going extremely strong today – all of which says a lot about its pedigree and performance. But at the same time, there’s far more competition on the market today than there has ever been before, so how does Titan Casino stack up when compared to the latest entries? A virtual Vegas or another firm flop? Casino Papa has the inside scoop you’re looking for!


For some reason, Titan Casino decided to go with the rather uninspiring slogan of “Best Casino Site”, when something along the lines of ‘Bigger is Better’ would have been far more appropriate. With a gigantic arsenal well in excess of 400 games available, it’s the kind of site that clearly set about doing everything on a much bigger scale than its rivals. Though not specifically aimed at the UK market, British gamers are more than welcome to join up and the British Pound is accepted as a currency type. And with an ever increasing library of progressive slots and mega jackpots to play for, there’s definitely plenty on the cards to keep coming back for.


Site Summary

There are two things that strike you when first arriving on the Titan Casino homepage. The first of these is how sleek, slick and fast paced the whole thing is – visuals are rich, but not to such an extent that performance is in any way hampered. Along with this, it’s hard not to notice the ‘Titan Total Jackpot’ increasing at breakneck speed to the right of the screen, which at the time of writing this particular review was well in excess of €50 million.

Other than this, it’s a comparatively stripped-back affair the likes of which is an absolute joy to navigate. In terms of bringing players a taste of Vegas, the fact that the backdrop is a shot of The Strip pretty much says it all. It’s that classic combo of dark backgrounds with bright neon visuals and the like, which really do add up to that quintessential Vegas casino vibe.

They haven’t let themselves get carried away with needless complications and a thousand and one links cluttering up the place. So even though it’s one of the biggest and deepest sites of its kind, it’s in no way intimidating to newbies and amateurs.

As already mentioned, there’s really very little point in beginning to list the games on offer as with such an extraordinarily large library, everything is here. It’s also constantly being updated, so there’s always something new on the cards to try out. All of the games on offer can be played online via the website itself, though there is the option of downloading the required casino software, if preferred. Mobile devices are also supported by way of a separate dedicated mobile site, which again means no need for software downloads.

In terms of the all-important welcome bonuses on offer, they certainly don’t do things by halves. But at the same time, it’s of course not quite as simple as it appears on the surface. There’s up to €5,000 available for those depositing a minimum of €1,000 which comes in the form of a 50% top up bonus. Though depositing slightly less (under €200) will be eligible for 100% bonuses up to a maximum of €199. In the case of the lower bonus payments, wagering requirements are 20X, while those looking for the higher bonuses will be expected to meet 25X wagering requirements.

Only slots count for 100% of these wagering requirements, which when considering the fact that €5,000 multiplied by a 25X wagering requirements comes out at €125,000 makes it a slightly unrealistic prospect for most.

There’s a decent enough loyalty program available, which in the case of slot games credits players with 1 point for every $9.00 wager. Over time, accumulated credits can be used in exchange for account credits. The VIP program has six levels, offering a wide variety of bonuses including faster withdrawals, access to premium competitions and the promise of ongoing bonus offers – all of which are of course subject to terms and conditions.

Along with exceptionally high payout rates, what also stands out about Titan Casino is its apparent commitment to customer care and education. This is one of the few sites you’re likely to come across that offers a pretty extensive archive of articles and helpful guides, covering everything from personal money management to stay in control to avoiding fraud to stopping spam emails and more. It’s comparatively rare to find a site at such a level of such clear regard for the welfare of its customers.

And with life-changing jackpots that would put a fair few real-life Vegas casinos to shame…well, it’s always worth one more spin, right?

Best Features

We’ve pretty much established already that the very best features about Titan Casino are the huge gaming library, the presentation and performance of the site, customer care standards and ease of access to a world of information. In fact, they do quite a lot of things on a higher level than most.



While Titan Casino is unlikely to become the number one household name in the United Kingdom any time in the near future, it is absolutely an online casino that is worth checking out.


  • The welcome bonus system is (like most) not exactly a great deal of use.


  • An incredibly enormous and varied selection of high quality games.
  • Brilliantly presented platform in general that’s easy to navigate and fluid.
  • Unique regard to customer welfare and plenty of advice available.
  • Very high payout rates and an abundance of banking options.
  • Solid VIP program and loyalty scheme.
  • Ongoing competitions and promotions throughout the year.
  • Great mobile gaming experience that doesn’t require a software download.

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