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Is Online Poker Harder Than Offline Poker?
It’s the kind of debate that prompts pretty ferocious reactions from parties on both sides of the fence. To a dedicated real life poker player, the very mention of Internet poker is enough to send blood pressure skywards. To those who are well and truly ...
How Have Sponsors Changed the Face of Poker?
These days, it’s difficult to imagine a time when big level corporate sponsorships simply didn’t happen in the poker community. There were certainly high stakes tournaments and plenty of action was taking place globally, but sponsorship wasn’t really a ...
Body Language and Bluffs – Making Sense of Poker Tells
Just to clarify one thing before going any further, the answer is yes – each and every poker player will have their own specific and often unique tells. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that there are not certain tells that tend to be commonly ...
Thinking of Becoming a Poker Pro? Read This First!
Ask any poker player who is capable of beating their buddies consistently and chances are they will tell you they think they could make it as a professional. Not only this, but given the fact that they have developed a decent set of skills and plenty of ...
Here’s Why You Really Suck at Poker
The thing about poker is that if you’re really good (or can at least get away with pretending you’re good), you look seriously badass. On the flipside of things, sucking at poker sucks…big time. And for two very good reasons too – one being that you look ...
Fast Fold Poker – Should You, Or Shouldn’t You?
Chances are that by now you will have come across the concept of fast-fold poker. Having first arrived on the market in 2010 courtesy of Full Tilt Poker, the idea has since gained enormous traction and has been followed by quite a few big name players – ...
Six Simple Yet Essential Mobile Poker Playing Tips
Being able to play poker with thousands of people from all over the world is nothing short of spectacular. As such, to be able to do exactly that via a mobile device is simply out of this world. But at the same time, there are many subtle differences when ...
Seven Insane Poker Myths Not To Buy Into…Ever!
Whether you’ve been playing poker for years or are just about ready to sit down at your first live action game, there’s still a ton you probably don’t know about the game. Just as is the case with pretty much every casino game across the board, there are ...
how-to-become-a-better-poker-player– nine-essential-tips
How to Become a Better Poker Player – Nine Essential Tips
Most of the time, poker players look for articles like this one in hope of finding some kind of extraordinary secret technique that will make them something of a superstar overnight. Well, let’s just get one thing straight from the get go – you won’t find ...
The Seven Standard Poker Player Types – Which Are You?
Showboat as they might, there isn’t a single poker player in the world who didn’t feel nervous as hell the first time they took a seat at a table. Irrespective of whether it was at an online casino or in person at a real Las Vegas poker table, chances are ...